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In your quiet home, one thing can potentially shatter the serenity – plumbing problems. Just picture a crisp morning and your shower refuses to pour forth that warm, invigorating stream of water. That’s when you need a plumbing superhero to come to your rescue, and that’s where Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating swoops in to save the day.

Give us a call today to make an appointment for fast and reliable plumbing services in Pequannock, New Jersey.

Our Plumbing Services

At Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating, we’re dedicated to offering a range of plumbing services to meet Pequannock’s unique needs. Here’s a snapshot of what we provide:

Bathroom Remodels: Discover the true potential of your bathroom with our tailored remodeling solutions. Our seasoned professionals bring years of expertise and an eye for detail to each project, ensuring that your dream bathroom becomes a reality. From modern marvels to vintage-inspired designs, we offer a wide range of styles to match your taste and budget. Elevate your space with a bathroom transformation that speaks to your unique style and comfort needs.

Boilers: Boilers have long been the workhorses of home heating, and our expertise in this field is unmatched. We offer a diverse range of boilers designed to meet your heating demands while also being environmentally conscious. From compact and efficient combi-boilers to robust and reliable conventional models, our selection caters to every homeowner’s preferences. Our certified technicians have a wealth of experience in boiler installation and maintenance, guaranteeing that your heating system remains dependable and efficient throughout its lifespan. 

Commercial Services: Experience unparalleled excellence with our wide-ranging commercial services. We take pride in our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you require office space expansion, interior design, or technology upgrades, our expert team provides innovative and tailored services to enhance productivity and aesthetics. Our expertise extends to facility maintenance, ensuring that your property remains safe and efficient. We offer a holistic approach, from custom project planning to ongoing support, because we know that your success is our success. 

Drain Clogs: Don’t let a clogged drain slow you down; trust our specialists to keep your plumbing system in top shape. With years of expertise, we excel in diagnosing and eliminating clogs in record time. Whether it’s stubborn grease buildup, invasive tree roots, or foreign objects causing the blockage, we have the knowledge and tools to address the issue. Beyond immediate solutions, we offer guidance on preventative maintenance to ensure a clog-free future. 

Emergency Service: Disasters don’t wait for convenience, and neither do we. Our emergency service is your dependable partner when unexpected situations occur. Our skilled technicians are on call 24/7, ready to respond swiftly to any crisis, be it a burst pipe, power outage, or heating system failure. We arrive equipped with the latest tools and expertise to resolve issues efficiently, preventing further damage and inconvenience. With a focus on safety and customer satisfaction, we take pride in being your trusted emergency service provider. When the unexpected happens, you can rely on us to restore normalcy and peace to your life.

Garbage Disposal Installation: Upgrade your kitchen and simplify cleanup with our professional garbage disposal installation. We’re the experts in seamlessly integrating these time-saving devices into your kitchen’s plumbing system. Our skilled team carefully assesses your kitchen’s unique requirements, recommending and installing a disposal unit that perfectly fits your needs. We prioritize both performance and durability, ensuring your disposal system can handle a wide range of food waste. Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, more hygienic kitchen with the bonus of reducing landfill waste. 

Gas Lines: Gas lines play a crucial role in heating, cooking, and more, making their proper care essential. Our specialized team is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of your gas lines. From precise installations to thorough maintenance and swift repairs, we provide comprehensive gas line services tailored to your needs. Safety is our utmost priority, and we utilize cutting-edge equipment for leak detection and pressure testing to guarantee your peace of mind. With our expertise, you can harness the benefits of gas while minimizing energy waste and hazards. 

Leak Detection: Leak detection is the first line of defense against water damage. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in pinpointing leaks swiftly and accurately. We employ state-of-the-art technology, including advanced sensors and thermal imaging, to identify hidden leaks in plumbing or heating systems. Our non-invasive techniques save you time, money, and property damage, ensuring that leaks are addressed promptly. From minor household leaks to complex industrial systems, our precision leak detection services provide the solution. Trust us to safeguard your home or business from the costly consequences of undetected leaks, maintaining peace of mind and preserving your valuable assets.

Repiping: New pipes can be the key to restoring the integrity of your plumbing system. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in providing comprehensive repiping solutions, ensuring that your home’s water delivery remains safe and efficient. Whether your pipes have succumbed to corrosion, leaks, or other issues, we meticulously assess your plumbing system and replace worn-out pipes with the latest materials and technologies. Invest in the future of your plumbing system with our expert repiping services, bringing comfort and reliability back to your daily life.

Service Agreements: Elevate your maintenance strategy with our comprehensive service agreements. We understand that your time and budget are precious, and our agreements are designed to save you both. By enrolling in our program, you gain access to regular, pre-scheduled maintenance visits, keeping your systems in optimal condition year-round. Our skilled technicians meticulously inspect, clean, and fine-tune your equipment, addressing potential issues before they become costly repairs. With priority scheduling and reduced service fees, you’ll experience unparalleled peace of mind and convenience. Our service agreements are a smart investment in the longevity and efficiency of your systems, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Sewer repair: Repairing a broken sew line is a vital investment in your property’s infrastructure, and our skilled team is here to provide top-tier solutions. We tackle a range of sewer issues, from stubborn clogs to pipe damage and root intrusion, with precision and efficiency. Our advanced technology allows us to diagnose the problem with minimal disruption, ensuring your property remains intact. We emphasize eco-friendly repair methods, offering solutions that promote long-term efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Count on us to deliver the peace of mind that comes with a fully restored and reliable sewer system, protecting your property and the environment for years to come.

Sewer Replacement: Sewer replacement is the ultimate solution for ailing sewer systems, and we’re the experts you can trust for a smooth, efficient process. Our dedicated team evaluates the state of your sewer lines, providing you with a customized replacement plan that meets your property’s unique requirements. We employ trenchless technology to minimize disruption and protect your landscape, completing the replacement with precision and speed. Your new sewer system not only restores functionality but also incorporates eco-friendly practices, promoting sustainability and efficiency. Choose us for a seamless sewer replacement that safeguards your property’s integrity while also respecting the environment. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Shower Installation: Experience the luxury of a newly installed shower with our specialized services. We take shower installation to the next level by offering a seamless, hassle-free experience. From the initial design consultation to the final fixture installation, our skilled team is dedicated to making your dream shower a reality. Whether you seek a modern, minimalist design or a classic spa-inspired oasis, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. We prioritize quality materials, water-efficient fixtures, and precise installation, ensuring your shower not only elevates your bathroom aesthetics but also conserves resources. Choose us for a shower installation that’s as functional as it is beautiful, delivering lasting comfort and style to your home.

Tankless Water Heaters: Upgrade your home’s hot water system with the latest in technological innovation – tankless water heaters. We are your trusted source for tankless water heater installation, providing you with a constant and efficient supply of hot water. Say goodbye to waiting for a tank to heat up and hello to instant, unlimited hot water. Our expert technicians ensure a seamless installation, matching the unit to your specific requirements. With tankless technology, you not only enjoy savings on energy bills but also gain valuable space in your home. 

Water Filtration System: Clean and healthy water is a fundamental part of a thriving home, and our water filtration systems are designed to provide just that. We specialize in customizing filtration solutions that address the unique water quality challenges in your area. From removing unwanted odors and tastes to filtering out heavy metals and toxins, we prioritize your safety and well-being. Our range of water filtration systems can be tailored to fit your specific needs, whether you seek cleaner drinking water, pure bathing water, or whole-house filtration. With our expertise, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is crystal clear, pure, and free from impurities.

Water Heaters: Hot water is an indispensable part of modern living, and our water heaters are designed to meet your specific needs. We offer a diverse range of water heating solutions, from traditional tanks to innovative tankless units, all engineered for energy efficiency and durability. Our expert technicians excel in installation and maintenance, ensuring your water heater functions flawlessly. With a commitment to sustainability, we provide eco-friendly options that reduce energy consumption and utility costs. 

Water Softeners: Hard water can be a nuisance, but our water softeners are here to make it a thing of the past. We specialize in providing comprehensive water-softening solutions to transform your water quality. Our systems are designed to effectively remove calcium and magnesium minerals, preventing scale buildup in your plumbing and appliances. With a variety of options, from salt-based to salt-free systems, our experts will help you select the ideal solution for your home. Enjoy the luxury of silky, softened water that not only improves your skin and hair but also extends the life of your appliances. Choose us for water softeners that elevate your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Every home in Pequannock is unique, and we understand that one-size-fits-all solutions won’t cut it. We tailor our services to your specific needs because your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Don’t let plumbing problems disrupt your life. Trust Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating to keep your plumbing system in perfect working order. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs.

Elevating Plumbing and Heating Services to New Heights

At Above & Beyond Plumbing and Heating, our vision is clear: to provide both residential and commercial customers with service that goes “above and beyond” their expectations. We don’t just want to meet your plumbing and heating needs; we aspire to exceed them. 

Our commitment to excellence is not just a promise but a way of life. We are dedicated to establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients, built on trust, reliability, and exceptional service. We hope that our work reflects our vision and leaves you with the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve truly gone above and beyond for you. 

FAQs on Plumbing

When faced with a frozen pipe, a plumber will employ a series of steps to address the issue and prevent further damage:

  • Assessment: The plumber will begin by assessing the extent of the freeze and potential damage to the pipe. They’ll identify the location of the freeze, checking for cracks, leaks, or burst pipes, which can occur as a result of the ice expansion.
  • Thawing: The primary goal is to thaw the frozen pipe carefully. Plumbers use various methods, such as heat guns, electric heating pads, or infrared lamps, to gently warm the affected area. It’s crucial not to use open flames or excessive heat, as this can lead to pipe damage or even fire hazards.
  • Inspection and Repair: After thawing, the plumber will inspect the pipe for any visible damage. If the pipe has burst or cracked, it will need to be repaired or replaced. This involves cutting out the damaged section and soldering or connecting a new pipe.
  • Preventative Measures: To prevent future freezes, a plumber may recommend adding insulation to the pipe or insulating the area around it, especially in exposed or vulnerable locations.
  • Checking for Leaks: Once the pipe is thawed and repaired, the plumber will pressurize the system and check for leaks to ensure the integrity of the repaired pipe and overall water flow.
  • Advising the Homeowner: Finally, the plumber will provide advice to the homeowner on how to prevent frozen pipes in the future, which may include better insulation, letting faucets drip during cold weather, and sealing gaps in the building envelope.

A plumber will thaw, assess, repair, and advise you on preventing frozen pipes, ensuring the restoration of your water supply and the protection of your plumbing system.

Pipes that are frozen can indeed thaw, but whether they will thaw without causing damage depends on various factors. When pipes freeze, the water within them expands and can lead to cracks or bursts. The outcome of a frozen pipe largely depends on:

  • Severity of Freeze: The extent of the freeze is a critical factor. If the freeze is minor and the pipe hasn’t sustained any damage, it may thaw without major issues.
  • Pipe Material: The material of the pipe matters. Metal pipes are more resilient to freezing and thawing compared to plastic pipes, which are more prone to cracking when frozen.
  • Timing: The duration of freezing is significant. The longer a pipe remains frozen, the greater the risk of damage. Prompt action is crucial to minimize harm.
  • Thawing Method: The method used to thaw the pipe is important. Using a controlled and gradual approach, such as a heat gun or heating pad, is safer than quick methods like open flames, which can cause further damage.

With swift and appropriate action, frozen pipes can be thawed without lasting harm. However, it’s essential to inspect the pipe thoroughly after thawing to check for damage. Preventative measures like proper insulation can help avoid freezing in the first place, reducing the risk of damage to your pipes.

Commercial and residential plumbing differ significantly in scope, design, and complexity due to their distinct purposes and usage. Here are the key differences between the two:

  • Scale and Complexity: Commercial plumbing systems are generally larger and more complex than residential ones. They must accommodate the water and sewage needs of a larger number of people, so they often involve more intricate layouts, more extensive piping, and additional fixtures.
  • Regulations and Codes: Commercial plumbing is subject to different, often more stringent, local building codes and regulations. These codes address factors like occupancy load, accessibility, and safety that are not as crucial in residential plumbing.
  • Fixtures and Appliances: Commercial spaces require specialized fixtures and appliances to meet their high-volume demands. These include industrial-sized water heaters, urinals, and larger-diameter pipes.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Commercial plumbing systems typically demand more frequent maintenance and repairs due to their higher usage. They often require a dedicated maintenance team or contract with a plumbing service for regular check-ups and swift repairs.
  • Budget and Cost: Commercial plumbing projects are generally more costly than residential ones due to their scale and complexity. They require a larger budget allocation for installation, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Materials and Durability: Commercial plumbing systems often use more robust and durable materials to withstand frequent use and potential wear and tear.

While both commercial and residential plumbing share fundamental principles, they differ in scale, regulations, components, and the level of maintenance required. Commercial plumbing is designed to handle larger volumes and stricter regulations, while residential plumbing serves the needs of individual households. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for plumbing professionals to provide appropriate services to their clients.

A slow leak can potentially evolve into an emergency if left unaddressed. While it may not create immediate, dramatic damage like a burst pipe, slow leaks can cause significant harm over time, leading to several concerning issues:

  • Property Damage: Even a slow leak can cause structural damage, weaken building materials, and create ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth. Over time, this can compromise the integrity of your home.
  • Health Hazards: The presence of mold due to a slow leak can result in health concerns, particularly for those with respiratory issues or allergies.
  • Increased Water Bills: A slow leak can result in a significant increase in water bills, costing you money over time.
  • Energy Waste: Slow leaks often coincide with hot water system leaks, resulting in energy waste, higher utility costs, and reduced hot water availability.
  • Sudden Escalation: In some cases, a slow leak can suddenly worsen, turning into a more severe problem or even a burst pipe, causing immediate damage and flooding.

It’s important not to underestimate the potential risks associated with a slow leak. Therefore, while not every slow leak is an emergency, it should be treated seriously and addressed promptly to prevent more extensive damage, additional costs, and potential health issues. Early detection and repair are essential in avoiding emergencies stemming from slow leaks.

Trust the Pequannock Plumbers!

Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating is your trusted source for all plumbing services in Pequannock. Let us handle your plumbing needs with efficiency and professionalism. Don’t wait until a minor plumbing issue turns into a major inconvenience. Contact us today, and we’ll ensure your home’s plumbing remains in perfect working order.



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    Ron Abrahamsen
    I am a general contractor and have been working with Matt and his team for about a year. They are prompt about their schedule, They do nice neat work, he knows the plumbing business well, and their pricing is very fair. I highly recommend them. On this project they really did go above and beyond what was expected of them.
    Anthony Scozzafava
    Bryan installed a hot water heater and a laundry sink and some pvc drainage from the sink replacing galvanized pipe and a kitchen faucet. He worked well and everything seems to be working properly. He was polite and answered all our questions. Cleaned up after his work as well.
    Diana Browne
    Easy to get an appointment for service. Pleasant to deal with with great communication. The technician was prompt - clean - efficient and knowledgeable - my problem was corrected in one visit. I would definitely use them again I highly recommend Above and Beyond Plumbing for all your plumbing needs
    Fast and knowledgeable
    Eliot Mann
    Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating team replaced my old Rheem Water heater on a next day as an Emergency service. Job was done on time, professionally, w/o any issues or delays. I would highly recommend this team to anyone, who has a Plumbing/Heating project. Thank you Brian and Anthony!
    Fran Byrnes-Spray
    Repairs done on sump pump. Excellent service. Tara at office super good at her job. A dependable company
    Jeffrey James
    Great team - from making the appointment to the finished install - everyone at Above and Beyond have been courteous, knowledgeable and ready to help!
    Steve M
    Prompt and very professional. Reasonable cost also.
    Stephen Maidment
    I am delighted to recommend Above and Beyond to anyone seeking prompt, professional and excellent plumbing services. I sought help on Day 1 for a non-working boiler. Tad visited on Day 2, identified the problem and ordered the malfunctioning component. On Day 3 the job was completed with minimum fuss and the boiler was then fully serviced. I was kept informed throughout the work and I was truly delighted with the results. Well done, and thankyou.Steve Maidment
    Jim Vielee
    Very professional and knowledgeable staff.
    Maria Peppard
    We have been using Above and Beyond Plumbing at our house and highly recommend their services. They have come for routine work and emergencies Very professional and knowledgeable Plumbers
    tony herrera
    Always prompt, professional and a hassle-free experience. Matt is the best. Highly recommend
    Vijay Balasubramanian
    Had Above and Beyond install a sump pump. The technician was very thorough and completed a very clean job. The price was reasonable too. Would recommend them for any work.
    Technicians were timely, professional, pleasant and did an excellent job. I would not hesitate to recommend. Very satisfied customer!
    Dipa Patel
    THE Best plumbing company I have ever had the pleasure of using. They are considerate, knowledgeable, experienced and expert at all they do! Very reasonable price for the services they provide.
    Dorothy Schotz
    I would highly recommend Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating. I have used them quite a few times and they are alwaysreliable. always do a fine job , and give you a time frame for their arrival, so they're never late!
    Laura Martin
    Great job! They put in a new water heater. Very professional.
    Gaynell Schettino
    Above & Beyond recently replaced our water heater. The quotation process was fast and easy, and they were able to come out quickly. The crew was great and we are super happy with our decision to go with Above & Beyond. Thanks!!
    robert domenick
    Friendly service and on time
    Anish Gupta
    Matt was very responsive & sorted all my queries.Greg is an excellent craftsman .. worked diligently, very efficiently & professionally. Very good communication skills as well . He went above & beyond to do exceptionally neat workI am highly satisfied
    Francine Freda
    A stress free experience. Professional, friendly, quick and clean. A pleasure to work with!
    Tony Chien
    I needed valves replaced in my bathroom showers and needed a new water softener machine and called Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating to help. They did an excellent job. Professional, courteous and fixed everything I needed them for. Highly recommend them.
    Steven Mathews
    Amazing service, customer experience, and reliability. We had an issue with noise from baseboard radiators and not only one person, but two, came to evaluate the problem and get it fixed for us quickly and effectively. Couldn’t recommend Matt and his team more!
    John iaco
    ‘Above and Beyond’ plumbing serviced my home for the first time. Plumber Matt was knowledgeable, professional and on time. They stuck to their price quote. 2 other plumbing services had much higher quotes. I’m sticking with Above and Beyond!
    Teddy Constandelis
    Very professional and very pleasant people Answered all my questions were very neat and would definitely use them again
    Carla Franzin
    Matt and his crew at Above and Beyond Plumbing are trustworthy, honest, and my go to people whenever I have a plumbing issue. They stand by their work too. They are always responsive and the technicians are all respectable, polite and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them.
    These guys are great! Always on time, always pleasant, always capable. They’ve done everything from simple sink and drain repairs to complex stuff like extending a gas line for a fire pit and grill.Update: They also recently installed a gas boiler as we converted from oil heat. I priced many different businesses and they came in at a fair price. I trust these guys for EVERYTHING!
    Great service and very responsive
    Luca Sopranzetti
    We used Matt several times in the past few years, from small jobs like installing an external faucet, to installing a water softener, changing our electric to gas water heather, and most recently installing new baseboard heaters. Quality has been always excellent, pricing fair, and great work overall! Highly recommended!
    Jared Banks
    Matt and his deal have taken care of multiple problems for my home, some big and some small, but have always been on time, friendly and fair. Great company!
    Asheesh Gupta
    They did a great job in fixing the problem.
    W Hook
    I hired them to replace a sewage basin lid and they were very professional. They explained everything step by step, were extremely neat and the quality of work was excellent.
    M Elias
    Always a pleasure to work with Matt and his team. Trust them implicitly!
    Nancy Evans
    Great service and wonderful experience. Couldn't have been any more helpful. Thanks.
    Lauri Schmitt
    Excellent Service
    Rob Sienrukos
    They installed a new boiler for me. They did excellent work at a very fair price.
    John Lyng
    Pleasure to do business with. Hope we don't have to but wouldn't hesitate to call them if necessary
    Honest, punctual, and very courteous.
    Francis Mastrangelo
    Professional, efficient, personable and meticulous are just some of the adjectives to describe my first experience with Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating and Matt, the technician that did the work. They replaced my leaking water heater within 18 hours of my call and it couldn't have been easier on my part. Highly recommend.
    helene schimeneck
    The technician was polite, respectful, knowledgeable and very helpful.I will definitely use Above and Beyond again
    Laura Salamone
    Great service
    Raymond Bonanno
    Everything as expected will continue to use them in the future
    Big Juan WeDemBoyz
    Very prompt service, highly professional and price was very reasonable for all the work done. Highly recommend!
    Anna Wu
    Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating are very responsive. Always kind and friendly. I truly appreciate their response time as well as the amazing quality of work.
    Arnold Harrison
    I made an appointment to have my water line shutoff, which was leaking, replaced. They gave me a date for the following day. Then a few hours later they called me to say one of their technicians was freed up. So, they sent him over (same day) and fixed it. Very impressive. On top of this, the young lady I dealt with in their office was super friendly and cooperative
    Anthony Semren
    I hired Above and Beyond to install a water softener. Everything from getting a quote to the service was professional. Happy I chose them and would highly recommend.
    chhaya upadhyay
    We had a great experience with Above and Beyond plumbing. As per their name Matt went above and beyond to work on our plumbing issue. Thank you Matt. We will always be contacting you for all our plumbing needs.
    Edward Alstrom
    They do everything right!
    Ahmed Hassan
    I had a leak on the main line to the house. Above and Beyond were able to diagnose the problem and coordinate all the needed parties to successfully dig up the pipe and fix it. They were able to put everything back as if they were never there. They also diagnosed and fixed a shower leak in the same visit.
    Robert Van Schepen
    We were very pleased with the job done by Above and Beyond in replacing our hot water heater. Matt was very nice, very professional and did a great job in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to call them again and I would highly recommend this company to others
    Les Milner
    Had a Moen motion sense kitchen faucet installed but wasn't working. Called Above and Beyond who installed the replacement parts Moen sent and after a lengthy troubleshooting effort he found the problem and got it working. Thanks Matt for not giving up.
    Eric Paulen
    Matt came in, told me it would take about an hour. It took less than a half hour, and the job was done and fixed.
    Lee H
    Efficient, knowledgeable, and personable. Highly recommend!!
    Vincent Belcastro
    This company did a great job and were as clean as they could be. They were punctual and fair.
    Lauren Dunn
    Matt and Tiffany from Above and Beyond were so very helpful to us. We discovered a gas leak from our boiler one evening (well after office hours) I called, spoke to Tiffany and she was able to squeeze us in the very next day. Matt arrived at our home on time and fixed the issue in no time. We will be using them for all of our plumbing issues going forward!
    Ying-I Chang
    Mike is professional and patiently remove the old faucets and replaced with new ones in timely fashion….
    Everything about Above and Beyond Plumbing is over the top fabulous! And if you get the owner, Matt, as your plumber, its even more win-win! Matt loves what he does, is a pleasure to work with and truly knows his stuff!
    leah symons
    You can always count on Above & Beyond! Michael always does excellent work and leaves the house spotless!
    Charles Villaluz
    2 failed sump pumps, 2 inches of water in my basement. Not a good time. Above & Beyond showed up the same day worked for hours and replaced the pumps and got the water out. I've used them for several jobs and will continue to do so. Always friendly, prompt, professional, knowledgeable and excellent at what they do.
    E L
    They have a great person handling the administrative stuff and the plumbing project is perfect. They are patient, friendly, and priced right ~ Thank you Matt!!
    Brian Groelly
    Matt and his staff, office included, are "Above and Beyond" the rest. I discovered a leak under my kitchen sink where my dishwasher connected to the main pipe on this past Thursday. I was unable to use the sink or dishwasher, and had family visiting for the weekend. I called Above & Beyond and they were able to get someone out that afternoon. Upon inspection, it turns out that my "leak" was a secondary problem that was the result of a crack in the drain above. I'm speculating that most plumbers would have just fixed it, billed me, and left. They spent the time to inspect everything and discover the leak. Bad news is I had a custom sink and the replacement part would have to be ordered. Matt was not only able to find the replacement part on a 10 year old custom sink, but had it expedited next day and my sink fixed before company arrived that Friday night. We were so pleased with them, my wife had them upgrade 2 faucets this week, something she has been wanting to do for a while. The work was impeccable and the cost was more than fair. Great company, can't recommend them enough.
    Rob DaCosta
    These guys are like Franks Hot Sauce, we put them on everything! 🤣DaCosta Construction and Above and Beyond plumbing have been working together in the Montville, Pinebrook area for at least 10 years now. When confronted with technical plumbing issues we count on Above and Beyond to see us through. Looking forward to another 10 years with them on our team.
    Caryl Cozin
    Seller needed assistance w/tub not draining properly…technician arrived in a matter of hrs to correct the problem.
    Bader Farm LLC
    They're the best always on time reasonable.
    Alan Rubin
    They are very professional, knowledgeable and professional
    Anthony Gaeta
    A+ Service and Quality execution. Above and Beyond is exactly that. They do outstanding work and are very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend.
    Mark Benedetto
    Matt was awesome! The job was to replace an under the sink reverse osmosis system, and replace the kitchen sink faucet. He did both quickly and perfectly! He charged me less than what he estimated the job to be. But most impressive was that his estimate was almost 50% less than another estimate I received from a large HVAC, plumbing, and electrical company! I highly recommend Above and Beyond!
    eliot manchini
    Mike and Brian did a very good job at my house. They replaced my old vanity with the new one at no time. Job was done professionally and on time. I will definitely use this company again for my other projects. Hire them!
    Debra LaMotta
    Above and Beyond is certainly an appropriate name. I use then often with an home and a business and each and every time I contact them they are professional, responsive and the quality of the work is outstanding. Matt the owner is always very pleasant and no matter what day or time gets right back to you. And it’s never a no that he can’t come or help! His caliber of staff is inline with him and his company values. I wish every company I deal with held their standards to those of this company. Everyone should model themselves after them! 5 stars but wish I could give them 10!
    Aubrey Scala
    Middle of labor day weekend our water heater went kaput! Ugh! Never worried- just requested a visit from Above & Beyond and they did just that! Within an hour or so, the crew arrived and did a great job from removal to installation to testing. Later same day, realized we had gotten a defective heating element and they came back right away, again, on a holiday weekend! Replaced broken part and we’re so happy! Then they came back during the week to fix faucets blocked up with calcium deposits.
    Nina Jacobs
    Matt, Taylor, and all the rest of the employees literally go above and beyond. This time we had a mysterious water leak under our carpet in our concrete slab townhouse.They sussed it out and recommended Water Leak Detection come to find the culprit. Once that was done, Matt came again and explained exactly what needed to be done. The pipe that went to nowhere needed to go outside of the townhouse to drain. Yet another of many Hovnanian construction debacles.Their estimate was quick and reasonable and they managed to come and do the work within 2 days.As always, we depend on About and Beyond for reliable and reasonable work done well.We absolutely highly recommend this company.
    Rachel Lin
    Our community manager recommended this plumbing service for replacing the hot water heater. Their price is reasonable and Taylor in the office is very helpful and pleasant to work with. The job was done professionally. I will call them for other jobs in the future.
    Robert Ripp
    Above and Beyond installed a new furnace in our home. They did a terrific job were responsive during the entire process. Matt and his crew did a great job
    Elisa Custode
    Above & Beyond saved the day! Hot water heater began heavily spilling water on a Friday night. They responded quickly to this emergency. Also came out the next day with the replacement. Everyone that I spoke to were very respectful and did a great job!
    get ram
    I recently had a water heater installation done by Above and Beyond Plumbing and Heating LLC company, and I am beyond impressed with their excellent work. From start to finish, they displayed qualities that I truly appreciate in a service provider.The installation was executed with meticulous attention to detail. The technicians(Matt and Mike) ensured that everything was set up perfectly. Not only did I receive top-notch service, but it also came at a very reasonable price. In terms of quality versus cost, this company definitely delivers exceptional value. Both Matt and Mike conducted themselves in a highly professional manner throughout the entire process.Right from the initial inquiry, their responsiveness stood out. They promptly answered my questions and provided a detailed estimate. Even after the installation, they were available to address any post-installation queries I had. It's reassuring to know they are committed to customer satisfaction even after the job is done. They arrived on the scheduled installation day right on time as promised.Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with the water heater installation service provided by this company. They have raised the bar when it comes to customer service. If you're in need of any plumbing services, I highly recommend giving them a call. Thank you for a job well done!
    Sue D
    Above and Beyond...probably one the best run, most courteous local businesses in our area. Matt runs a professional and timely operation. Don't hesitate to call!!
    Judy B
    Such a good experience! On-time, respectful of property, very clean work, fair pricing and thorough check before leaving. Will definitely call them again!
    Karen Pilarz
    Very professional. Excellent experience starting with Taylor in the office through to the person doing the work. I highly recommend.
    Thomas Borzeka
    The Above and Beyond team has been a pleasure to work with. They are extremely responsive, fair with their pricing and provide quality workmanship. I highly reccomend them.
    Al Paganelli
    Installation of a new water heater was done quickly and professionally by Matt and Anthony. They started the job on time and cleaned up spotlessly. I would recommend this company with no reservations.
    Michael Boos
    Mike and Bryan came in and got the job done! They were fast, clean, quiet and left no trace of even being in the house! I would highly recommend having Above and Beyond doing the necessary work for any job needed! It was a pleasure working with them...

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